Communications Policy

Any golfer under the age of 18 is considered a junior student. A parent or guardian is the person that should be directly contacting the coach. If direct communication between the student and the coach is deemed necessary, any and all forms of communication must have the parent/guardian included. Therefore, any emails or text messages must have the parent/guardian copied in the TO: or CC: fields (never the BCC: field). Any responses to the student from the instructor will also include the parent/guardian as a group message.

If our staff receives a text/email from a junior student without there being any clear sign of the parent/guardian being included in the conversation, then our staff will not reply until we've been able to speak with the student's parent/guardian first. If you do not receive electronic correspondence from our staff in a timely manner, please call us. Sometimes there are glitches within technology that may not let a message be delivered.

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