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We’ve guided hundreds of juniors through the process of learning and competing in the game of golf. From picking up their first club, to preparing for high school tryouts, to accepting a collegiate scholarship, we’ve been by their side. Our Junior Pathways Program (JPP) has a personal feel in a group environment. With a low Member to Coach ratio of 4:1, it allows us to build deeper connections with the members and to encourage them to develop interpersonal skills.

Overall, the JPP encompasses several areas of golf.

  • How to have fun while learning but also how to be competitive at the same time
  • Short game development: putting, chipping, pitching, bunkers
  • Club mechanics, body mechanics, and swing theory
  • How to create deliberate and purposeful practice plans
  • How to prepare for tournaments
  • Learning which stats matter the most to improve scoring
  • How to apply our core values in golf and everyday life
  • Learning how to navigate the emotional rollercoaster often experienced in junior golf
  • Educating members on the rules and etiquette of golf
The JPP has three levels: Explorer, Competitor, and College Path. Members are required to earn their way up the ranks as each level is merit-based and has its own set of qualifications for becoming a member. Each member is tasked with progressing through our Earn Your Stripes Curriculum which is a series of tasks, challenges, quizzes, fitness, swing theory, and knowledge-based tests. Once the members reach a certain stripe rank, they are invited to play on the Kevics Junior Tour (KJT). These are periodic 9-hole events that utilize a specialized scorecard which help develop purposeful practice plans for members. We also use a Hat System with the KJT to denote scoring ability. It has five levels that lead to becoming a Certified Junior Golfer. The JPP starts with an Explorer class, ages 7-12. For juniors ages 6 and below, we recommend private 30-minutes coaching sessions.

To know which pathway is the best fit for your junior golfer, complete a consultation request and our coaching staff will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Indoor Coaching Benefits

Classes are taught at our indoor facility. What are the benefits of indoor coaching?

  • It’s a very controlled environment in which structure and consistency can be reproduced on a daily basis.
  • TrackMan Golf launch monitor technology allows us to see the ball flight of every shot and it provides us with specific parameters such as: Club Path, Club Face, Carry Distance, and Swing Speed.
  • It’s in a climate-controlled environment year-round, rain or shine, hot or cold, we are able to continue operation and training.
  • There's no worrying when it comes to the winter cold, summer heat, sunburn, mosquitos, and pollen/grass allergies.
  • It provides more opportunity for practice and coaching in the fall/spring, as most courses and ranges close early due to less light.
  • Our facility has a lot of training aids, mirrors, and alignment sticks on hand to help players during practice and coaching sessions.
  • Six hitting bays and a large putting green for short game.

Core Values

Classes are taught at our indoor facility. What are the benefits of indoor coaching?

  • Respect - due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others
  • Grit - courage and resolve; strength of character
  • Effort - a vigorous or determined attempt
  • Curiosity - a strong desire to know or learn something
  • Hope - a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen
  • Self-discipline - ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it
  • Responsibility - the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something
  • Accountability - an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility

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At the Explorer level, ages 7-12, we put the "FUN" into the FUNdamentals of golf while also introducing competitive challenges to the members. This is a unique opportunity for juniors to learn about golf in an interactive group environment, while also helping them determine if golf is a long-term and/or competitive option. Members learn about the basics of short game and full swing while being introduced to our Earn Your Stripes Curriculum, which is similar to a karate belt system.

Who's a good fit to be an Explorer? A junior that...

  • is interested in determining if golf is a sport they might like to continue playing
  • is newer to golf, about 0-3 years of experience, or has had some coaching in the past
  • is currently a non-competitive golfer, might have played a few times on the course
  • wants to have fun while learning a sport
  • is well-mannered, respectful, eager to learn, and a good listener
  • can read and write, as we do journaling at the end of class to review the lessons learned

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We view this level as the transition point from fun to competitive. On a regular basis, we ask the juniors if they would like to play competitively. This is especially true when they approach 7th to 9th grade. If there is a desire to play on the high school golf team, then the junior needs to be introduced to this level as soon as possible. Understanding swing technique and basic scoring concepts are at the core of becoming a Competitor. At this level, we recommend that golf becomes the junior's #1 sport, to include a dedication for deliberate practice for faster improvement. In DFW, high school golf is highly competitve. A junior golfer wanting to make the high school time at the last minute, meaning the summer of tryouts or a few months before tryouts, will potentially have a more difficult time earning a spot on the high school golf team. If there is any desire to play competitvely, the sooner they can be in this level the better.

Who's a good fit to be a Competitor? A junior that...

  • has ignited a desire to play in tournaments
  • is ready to commit to making golf their #1 sport
  • wants to play on the high school golf team
  • can establish a set schedule for practice and play on a weekly basis
  • plays in 1 or 2 junior tournaments each month

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College Path

Welcome to our elite level for junior golfers.

What are the common characterics of College Path members?

  • desire to be the #1 vasity player on the high school team
  • aspirations to earn a collegiate golf scholarship
  • plays in 2 to 4 events per month
  • self-disciplined, responsible, & accountable when it comes to pratice and play
  • tracks data during practice & play for game improvement
  • knows how their swing works and takes ownership of it
  • heavy focus on short game skills
  • mentally strong & positive attitude
  • removes excuses, accepts the outcome of their shots, and gets results

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