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We’ve guided hundreds of juniors through the process of learning and competing in the game of golf. From picking up their first club, to preparing for high school tryouts, and even at College Signing Day we’ve been by their sides. For juniors wanting to be competitive golfers, private coaching with a mixture of competitive group activities, such as on-course assessments, is the best road map to achieve that goal.

Kevics Junior Academy (KJA)

Over the past 10+ years, we've discovered that there are typically two types of junior golfers.

  1. Those that want to simply have fun and play for lesiure.
  2. Those that are committed to being a competitve player.
Even most of the competitve players start out playing for fun. This is why we start the KJA with the FUNdamentals group for ages 7-12. The KJA is designed to get kids interested in golf through fun challenges, while also introducting a competitive aspect to help bring out the desire and passion to play in tournaments.

KJA Core Values

We use the acronym C.R. J.R.S C.H.I.P ("See Our Juniors Chip"). Our core values help produce life-long character traits on and off of the golf course.

  • Confidence - the belief in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment
  • Respect - the recognition and consideration of the value of something or someone
  • Judgment - the ability to make decisions or come to conclusions based on the evaluation of evidence, facts, and situations
  • Responsibility - the quality of being accountable for something within one's power, control, or management
  • Committment - dedication to achieving goals and maintaining high standards
  • Honesty - the quality of being truthful and sincere
  • Integrity - the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
  • Perseverance - the determination to continue striving toward a goal despite facing obstacles, difficulties, or delays

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College Path

The Elite Junior Golfer

When the switch flips from fun to competitive, this is the path the player takes. The most common characterics of a College Path member are...

  • desire to be the #1 vasity player on the high school team
  • aspirations to earn a collegiate golf scholarship
  • plays in 2 to 4 events per month
  • self-disciplined when it comes to pratice
  • tracks data during practice & play for game improvement
  • knows how their swing works and takes ownership of it
  • heavy focus on short game skills
  • mentally strong & positive attitude
  • removes excuses, accepts the outcome of their shots, and gets results

To be ELITE, a junior player must possess the following five traits.

  • Self-discipline - ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it
  • Responsibility - the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something
  • Accountability - an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility
  • Grit - courage and resolve; strength of character
  • Effort - a vigorous or determined attempt

Indoor Coaching Benefits

  • It's a controlled environment which allows the player to develop a ritualistic set of principles and guidelines. These lead to improved consistency that can be reproduced on the golf course.
  • TrackMan Golf launch monitor technology - This allows the player to see and feel the ball flight of every shot. TrackMan provides specific parameters such as: Club Path, Club Face, Carry Distance, and Swing Speed. The player learns how the data parameters are created and how they influence the golf swing.
  • Climate-controlled environment, the player can train rain or shine.
  • It removes some of the most common disruptive outdoor items that North Texas has to offer, things like the summer heat, the winter cold, sunburn, mosquitos, fire ants, and pollen (allergies).
  • It's always daylight! When the courses close because of daylight savings, we'll still be open for practice and training.
  • Training aids, mirrors, and alignment sticks on hand to help the player during practice and coaching sessions.
  • A large putting green for short game.

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