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Your Experience

We strive to make our Junior Pathways Program the best. To do that, our highly experienced coaches have worked together to create a list of expectations for the members and the parents. Please understand that these expectations are in place to provide the safest and best experience possible. As always, open and honest feedback is encouraged as we believe that communication is what leads to a successful player-coach relationship, as well as the long-term development of the member.


This is our #1 priority when it comes to junior golf. By understanding and following these bullet points, it will ensure a safer golf experience for everyone.

  • Members are to be dropped-off and picked-up as close as possible to the entrance, pro shop, or clubhouse. Please do not drop-off or pick-up the members from across a street or busy intersection.
  • Be ready for the session to start. Prior to the start time:
    • have your golf bag in a nice orderly line with the other members' bags
    • use the restroom
    • if outdoors: apply sunscreen and bug spray
    • be standing behind your golf bag
  • Golf clubs are not to be used as helicopters, swords, hammers, axes, or any other weapons. Not following this expectation will result in the removal from our program.
  • Safety Zone & Coach Demonstrations
    • This is the designated area in which the members are observing the coach's demonstrations.
    • There is no swinging of golf clubs while in the Safety Zone or during coach demonstrations.
    • Clubs are to be left in the golf bags or on the ground. If a member has a club while in the safety zone, then it is to be held upside down with the club head in the student's hand. We say to hold the "club like a cane!"
  • Hitting Areas & Boundaries:
    • These areas are the only areas in which a club is allow to be fully swung by a member during a session.
    • The hitting areas are usually marked with cones, tape, or rope to signify the boundaries.
    • Members are expected to enter and exit the hitting areas from behind only. They should NEVER walk through a boundary line. Only in and out, up and down, and NEVER left to right, right to left.
    • Even with hitting areas, the member should be consciously aware of who and what are around them when swinging.
    • Members should never enter their hitting bays to collect balls until they give the other members in the other hitting bays a verbal notice (for example: "Please stop, I need to collect my balls."), at which time the other members will stop swinging until the balls are retrieved.
  • Even though the majority of our services are performed indoors, there are still times when we will need to cancel services due to weather. For example: the threat of tornadoes, below freezing temperatures, and icy/hazardous road conditions.

Core Values

While enrolling in the Junior Pathway's Program has a focus on becoming a golfer, it's also about becoming a better person, on and off of the course. We review core values and characteristics that make great players great people as well.

  • Respect
  • Grit
  • Effort
  • Curiosity
  • Hope
  • Self-discipline
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
...are focal points throughout the Junior Pathway's Program. We help the members grow beyond the game of golf.

General Information

  • Allow our coaches to coach, this is the member's time to learn from us.
  • We request NO interaction with coaches or members during a practice session or lesson, unless there is an emergency.
  • Please reserve asking any questions until after the session has concluded. This allows the coaches to give you their undivided attention to the member and to preserve the integrity of the coaching sessions without interruption.
  • Manners & Etiquette: Respond with "yes sir" or "yes ma'am". Refrain from yelling and running wildly across the facility, putting green, driving range, and golf course.
  • Respect & Responsibility: While some of our team members maybe be young, respect and responsibility can be taught and learned at home at an early age. Each team member is expected to respect the coaches, the other members, the facilities, and any equipment that is being used during a session. If a member continually shows disrespect, they will be asked to leave our program.
  • NO talking while a coach is talking.
  • Encouraging other members during practice, challenges, and on-course play is highly recommended.
  • NO negative comments to themselves or to others.
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship at all times win or lose.
  • Be willing to try new challenges and have fun.
  • Make new friends.
  • Ask the coaches questions if they don't understand something, raise hand and wait to be called upon.
  • Abide by the Junior Communications Policy


  • Be on time for your sessions, classes, and tee times. When you are expecting to be late, we respectfully expect you to let a coach know. You can call, text, or email. This allows us to plan accordingly.
  • When you're late, your service still ends at the originally scheduled time. There is no make-up time or extension of a session for the time missed due to you being late.
  • You can't be late if you're early. For services performed at our indoor facility, please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your service is scheduled to start, but please no sooner than 10 minutes.
  • For on-course services, for example: on-course assessments and Kevics Junior Tour events, please arrive 30-40 minutes before your scheduled start time to allow for the time needed to check-in and warm up before heading to the tee box.
  • If being late becomes a habit, then the member may be asked to leave our program. Even if it's the parents' fault, a constantly late arrival is an unwelcome distraction to our members and coaches.
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