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2023 Junior Golf Summer Camps

Our beginner camps are meant for kids that have 0-3 years of experience, that want to see if golf is a sport they’d like to play more often. Participants learn about the basics of putting, chipping, and the full swing in an interactive and fun group environment. Camps will be offered at The Golf Factory (our indoor training facility in Keller).

If your junior is an experienced player that gets out on the course quite often or plays in tournaments, then we recommend the Kevics Junior Academy (KJA) or private coaching. Our summer camps are meant to be a fun and interactive way to introduce kids to the game golf.

Ages 5-6

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If you have a group of at least four 5-6 year olds, please contact us and we can try to create a specific camp for your group. Otherwise, for juniors that are ages 5-6, we recommend 30-minute private coaching sessions. You can complete a consultation request (click here) and a coach will reach out as soon as possible.

Ages 13+

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For juniors that are older than 13, we recommend a consultation to allow us to learn more about their needs and goals. The 13-14 age range is usually associated with kids that are transitioning into high school soon and wanting to make the high school golf team. Summer camps are not recommended for juinors that want to make the high school golf team, as most high school coaches require some sort of weekly coaching and tournament experience from their players before tryouts. For this situation we recommend setting up a consultation (click here) to review our various programs and private coaching options.


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The Golf Factory (indoor)
133 Sports Pkwy, Ste D, Keller, TX 76248

Camp Schedule (ages 7-12)

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The FAQ's are designed to help you get registered quicker.

Camps Dates Camp Location Camp Times Level Ages Price Register Deadline
8/7/23 - 8/9/23 (M-W)
Indoor Facility (Keller, TX) 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM Beginner 7-12 $289 8/5/23


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CAMP SPOTS ARE LIMITED! Registration is on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

    • From the above schedule, click the Register Now button for the camp of your choice, then follow the on-screen instructions to get registered. We recommend that you book the camp (create the account) in the name of the Camper.
    • MULTIPLE SIBLINGS: The system will allow you to create an account (the Parent Account), under which you can add Child Accounts. If you have multiple siblings to register, use the dropdown box on the registration screen to create child accounts. You'll then need to book them individually by selecting their name from the parent account after clicking on the Register Now button.

Camp FAQ's

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Q: Do I need golf clubs?

A: Due to COVID our equipment policy has been updated. We require each camper to have his/her own golf clubs for the entirety of the camp. We will not provide loaner or rental clubs. We will not allow the kids to share equipment, unless they are siblings. The minimum clubs we recommend are a wedge, a putter, and a driver or fairway wood. These clubs can be purchased at a big box store like PGA Tour Superstore, Golf Galaxy, Academy, or Dick's. Other places would be eBay, Facebook (META) Marketplace, OfferUp, and Mercari type sites/app. The recommended brand is U.S. Kids Golf.

Q: How do I register multiple siblings in the exact same camp?

A: MULTIPLE SIBLINGS: The system will allow you to create an account (the Parent Account), under which you can add Child Accounts. If you have multiple siblings to register, use the dropdown box on the registration screen to create child accounts. You'll then need to book them individually by selecting their name from the parent account after clicking on the Register Now button.

Q: Is there a minimum number of campers required for camp to be activated?

A: YES. We require a minimum of 4 campers to be registered by the registration deadline for a camp to be activated. If this number has not been met by the registration deadline, any registrants will be informed of the cancellation and they will be asked to select a different camp date. To help the camps get activated, please share the camp information with family and friends. Thank you!

Q: How can I help fill your camps?

A: GREAT QUESTION! Filling camps with friends and family will help create a great vibe and fun long-lasting memories. Here are some ways to help spread the word about our camps.

  • Share this webpage to Facebook groups and your personal page for other parents to see
  • Email this webpage
  • Share this page via text message
  • Call someone, the old school method
  • Tell your kid's PTA, Principal, Teacher, School District Board Members, Bus Driver, and even the Mailman. Anyone you reach gets us one step closer to activating camps!

Q: What is the student to coach ratio for summer camps?

A: We have an 8:1 maximum ratio.

Q: Why are your camps usually only 3-days long?

A: Over the past 10 years we've tried several different camp formats and lengths of time. We've learned that 3-Day 90-minute camps are the perfect fit for the majority of the junior golfers that attend. The summer heat is the biggest factor. After 90 minutes in the sunshine and Texas heat, the kids tend to tire quickly, which can affect their abilities to stay focused, learn, and have fun. We truly want the kids to have a great experience and be able to retain the knowledge we provide at camp. That is also a big reason as to why we prefer to have beginner camps at our climate-controlled indoor facility.

Q: What forms do I need?

A: After you've registered for a camp, you'll be required to complete the Summer Camp Emergency Contact Form (by clicking here). This form is required before the first day of camp. If we do not receive this form the camper will not be allowed to participant.

Q: What happens at Junior Golf Camp?

A: Well mom and dad, we're glad you asked! First and foremost we strive to have fun by introducing the campers to golf with game-based training and kid friendly terms. We'll cover putting, chipping, and full swing. We also discuss core values like respect, honesty, confidence, and responsibility. We help the campers with their hand-eye coordination, athleticism, and decision-making skills, all of which are fundamental components for any great golfer. We also strive for a safe environment. We have put in place very specific safety rules that each camper MUST follow or they will be removed from camp.

Q: What do the Coach's expectpectations of the campers?

A: While our campers maybe be young, respect and responsibility can be learned at any age at home. Campers are expected to be respectful of the coaches, the other campers, the facility, and any equipment that might be used during the camps. If any of the campers display signs of disrespect, they may be asked to leave the camp, without a refund.

Q: Do parents stay to watch the camp?

A: Parents typically drop off the kids and come back for pick-up. Parents can watch from a far as we don't allow parental interaction during the camp. This is a time for the kids to explore and experience the sport, and most of all, it's a time for them to have fun. If there are any behavioral issues, we'll ask the parent(s) to stay the next day to observe the camper's behavior.

Q: What is the dress code?

A: Let's call it "kid casual". We recommend, a t-shirt, shorts, and gym shoes (or simply athletic/active wear). Open-toed shoes are strictly prohibited. Dress for the weather each day. If the camp is outdoors, we recommend sunblock and bug spray.

Q: How should I Prepare?

  • You'll receive a camp checklist before your camp date with details about how to prepare.
  • Be sure to get clubs before the start of camp.
  • Arrive about 10 minutes before the start of camp. We promptly start on time each day.
  • Use the restroom before you leave the house or when you arrive at the facility before the start of camp.
  • Apply sun block and bug spray (if attending an outside camp).

Q: What should I bring?

A: These are the recommend items to bring to camp:

  • Water bottle (labeled with your name)
  • Golf clubs (labeled with your name or initials if possible).
  • Medical needs: special medicines, inhalers, epipen, etc...
  • A snack if you didn't eat breakfast.

Q: Do the kids get on the golf course?

If the camp is outdoors, we will be at the practice area of the golf course in order to develop the basic skills needed to play on the course one day. Depending on the course traffic during the camp, we might be able to walk/play a hole, so that the campers see what their future golf experiences can be like once they've develop better skills.

Q: Is my child a good fit for a group/team environment?

A: While we wish that every camper will fit into our programs, sometimes a group environment isn't the best fit. After the camp, we will be able to recommend future golf options for your camper, whether that be our junior academy or private lessons.

Q: Are there refunds for camp?

A: Full Refunds are given to the card on file if:

  • Kevics Golf Academy needs to cancel the camp.
  • you cancel before the 24 hours prior to the start of camp.
Partial (80%) Refunds are given to the card on file if:
  • you late cancel, meaning you canceled within the 24 hours prior to the start of camp.
No Refunds are given:
  • for no call no shows.
  • for missed days.
  • when the camper is asked to leave camp due to violating the safety policy.
  • when the camper is asked to leave camp due to lack of respect, behavioral matters, and/or an attitude that is inconsistent with our junior academy's expectations.
When a camp is outdoors and there is inclement weather, we will first try to move the camp to our indoor facility in Keller, TX located at: 133 Sports Pkwy, Ste D, Keller, TX 76248. If that space is occupied, we will try to extend the camp an extra day. If we can't extend the camp because of continued inclement weather, then the camper will be refunded for the days not completed. If the entire week has inclement weather and we don't get started, we will cancel and refund the entire camp.

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