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Junior Pathways Program

We start at fun and work towards collegiate scholarships.


From a child that has never swung a golf club, all the way up to the collegiate player, we've coached them. The Junior Pathways Program (JPP) encompasses several aspects of golf.

  • Short game development: putting, chipping, pitching, bunkers
  • Club mechanics, body mechanics, & swing theory
  • How to practice with a purpose & prepare for tournaments
  • Tracking the stats that matter the most when it comes to scoring lower
  • Applying core values: respect, honesty, sportsmanship, responsibility, self-discipline, accountability
  • Learning how to ride the emotional rollercoaster during practice & play
  • Understading the rules and on-course etiquette
  • ...and much more
JPP has three levels, Fundamentals, Advanced, and College Path. Each level has its own qualifications for knowledge, skill level, fitness, and scoring ability. Once the junior reaches a certain level, they are invited to play on the Kevics Junior Tour (KJT). These are 9-hole events that utilize a specialized scorecard which helps develop purposeful practice plans, as well as prioritize the areas of the junior's game that need the most improvement. Our JPP starts at age 7. For juniors ages 6 and below, we recommend private 30-minutes coaching sessions.

To know which pathway is the best fit for your junior golfer, complete a consultation request and our coaching staff will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


At this level we put the "FUN" in FUNdamentals. This is a unique opportunity for juniors to learn about golf in an interactive team environment. It's a low stress setting in which the juniors can enjoy weekly challenges and competitions while having fun. They learn about the basics of short game and full swing while being introduced to our Earn Your Stripes program, which similar to a karate belt system.

Who's a good fit for FUNdamentals? A junior that...

  • is interested in exploring golf to see if it's a sport they might like
  • is newer to golf, about 0-3 years of experience, or has had a little coaching in the past
  • is currently a non-competitive golfer, might have played a few times on the course
  • wants to have fun while learning a sport
  • is well-mannered, respectful, eager to learn, and a good listener
  • can read and write (we do journaling at the end of each class to review what was taught)
  • between the ages of 7-13, beyond this age range we recommend a higher JPP level or private coaching for a non-competitive junior


We view this level as the transition point from fun to competitive. On a regular basis, we ask the juniors if they would like to play competitively. This is especially true when they approach 7th to 9th grade. If there is a desire to play on the high school golf team, then the junior needs to be introduced to this level as soon as possible. Understanding swing technique and basic scoring concepts are at the core of Advanced. At this level, we recommend that golf becomes the #1 sport for the junior. A dedication to improving their golf skills must be a priority. With the quality and quantity of competitive junior golfers in DFW, committing later or last minute (a few months before tryouts), will make earning a spot on the high school golf team much more difficult.

Who's a good fit for Advanced? A junior that...

  • has ignited a desire to play competitively
  • is ready to commit to making golf their #1 sport
  • wants to play on the high school golf team
  • can establish a set schedule for practice and play on a weekly basis
  • plays in 1 or 2 junior tournaments each month

College Path

Welcome to our elite level for junior golfers.

What are the common characterics of College Path members?

  • desire to be the #1 vasity player on the high school team
  • aspirations to earn a collegiate golf scholarship
  • plays in 2 to 4 events per month
  • self-disciplined, responsible, & accountable when it comes to pratice and play
  • tracks data during practice & play for game improvement
  • knows how their swing works and takes ownership of it
  • heavy focus on short game skills
  • mentally strong & positive attitude
  • removes excuses, accepts the outcome of their shots, and gets results

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