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Welcome to the Kevics Junior Golf Academy (KJA)

Training Champions in Golf and Life

Kevics Junior Academy Levels

Our tiered membership program provides a clearer path for our students and their parents. It's a road map to successful long-term skills development. Levels 1 and 2 introduce members to golf in a fun and interactive team environment. When members enter level 3, they are required to have a higher level of commitment in personal practice and on-course learning, along with building interest in tournament play. The goal for our level 4 Elite members is to prepare them for competitive junior golf tournaments and the high school team tryouts. Each level has an increased number of hours spent with the instructors.

REQUIRED: 30-Minute Meet & Greet

Before enrolling in the Kevics Junior Academy, each candidate is required to schedule a free 30-minute Meet & Greet. This allows the student and parents to meet with the coach(es) to get answers to any remaining questions. It also provides the coaches with a chance to ask questions and get to know the candidate. There are a few characteristics we like candidates to possess and/or display before we make recommendations for enrollment.

  1. RESPECT: A life skill that is initially taught by the parents and learned at home by the candidate. When a candidate shows signs of disrespect through his/her words, actions, or attitude that are directed towards the coaches, parents, team members, or facility, we unfortunately cannot allow the candidate into our program.
  2. ATTENTIVE/FOCUSED: Candidates should be able to focus on the coach when instruction is being provided. Candidates that are constantly talking when the coaches are talking, looking around, wondering away from the coaches, or creating a distraction for the rest of the team is unacceptable. This behavior is not conducive to our learning environment nor fair to our other members.
  3. WILLINGNESS TO LEARN: Candidates should have the personal desire of wanting to learn golf. If learning golf is solely the parents' desire, this might be a conflict of interest with our program. From our experience with youth sports, we know that when a kid has no interest in learning the sport, they will become non-attentive, lack focus, and display an unwillingness to learn.
***NOTICE: The Kevics Junior Academy has limited space, which means that not every candidate is guaranteed enrollment into the Kevics Junior Academy.***

Expectations of Our Juniors & Parents

Please read and understand our expectations from the parents and the juniors that enroll in our academy.

Junior Academy Levels

Group Commitment

Our junior academy memberships require a commitment length. Depending on the level, our members have the options for 3-month, 6-months, or 9-months.

Policies & Membership Terms

Please be sure to read our:

Re-entry into the Kevics Junior Academy

While we understand there are times when a member may need to leave our academy, we must continue to offer open spots to those waiting to join. If a member decides to leave our academy at any point in time, their spot on the team may be with someone on the waiting list. The members re-entry into the academy is not automatically guaranteed when there is a waiting list.

Golf Clubs are Required

It is expected that our members purchase their own set of golf clubs within one (1) month of committing to our Junior Academy. Practicing what is learned during team practices is vital to the success and development of your junior golfer. We recommend that each member practices 3-4 times week outside of their scheduled sessions. Here is a Practice Guide for expectations.

We are affiliated with U.S. Kids Golf, the only kids golf club brand to provide a specific fitting system based on height, not age. Their clubs are fit by length and weight to help the development of each player. Kevics Junior Academy members receive a 10% discount on any U.S. Kids Golf orders through our academy. New golf bags will come with the Kevics Junior Academy logo and the student's name embroidered on the bag at no additional charge. When you are ready to order clubs, please let us know. We will fit your junior golfer and provide recommendations for clubs.

Accounts and Credit Card Only for Memberships

A Booker account for each sibling will need to be created for enrollment. Separate accounts allow us to track and manage the monthly membership benefits that are provided. All Kevics Junior Academy memberships are billed as a recurring monthly credit card payment to the card on file in the student's Booker account. New and prospective members can use our How-To page for step-by-step instructions for the topics listed below:

  • How To Create a Booker Account
  • How to Login
  • How To Add a Credit Card to Your Account
  • How To Join The Kevics Junior Academy (KJA)
  • How To Book a Junior Academy Class (a Practice)
  • How To Book a Lesson
  • How To Cancel a Lesson, Class, or Practice
  • How To Check Membership Benefits or Series Balance

We look forward to teaching your juniors about golf!
-Kevin Kretovics
Director of Instruction

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