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Home Golf Training

For those of you looking to stay active with golf at home, there are some products below that can help you stay on track. They are just recommendations as you can always find other ways to practice at home. For example:

  • PUTTING: Putt on a carpet or any surface that rolls. Use a glass laid on it's side as the hole or use a small object to represent a hole.
  • CHIPPING: Set up a big bucket in the back yard (or living room if you have foam golf balls) and chip balls into the bucket from different distances.
  • FULL SWING: Get in front of a mirror and practice the 10 positions of the golf swing or work on the information in your CoachNow account. You don't always need a golf club in your hand to practice your full swing. If you have foam golf balls and a mat, you could take full swing in the backyard, hit balls against a wall, or practicw in the garage.
We are highly recommending FOAM GOLF BALLS at home. If you seriously want to hit real golf balls at home, please reach out to us and we can give you more details about a full sized hitting mat and indoor/outdoor hitting screens/nets/cages. We are also a reseller for SkyTrak and can provide you with information about their simulator product.

Tools/Training Aids Online


Every golfer needs a mirror to practice, preferably a tall mirror (or full-length) so that the golfer can see from head to toe.

Putting Mats

We recommend a putting mat that can give you feedback, that has alignment features, and can provide drills & challenges. This is why we recommend Wellput. We can place orders for you with a 10% discount and free shipping to your home for our members.

Foam Golf Balls

These are great for indoor and outdoor use as they are limited flight. They are squishy but still produce a realistic ball flight and feel when struck. You can find these at Walmart, Target, Dick's, PGA Tour Superstore, etc...

Golf Mat (small & portable)

Everyone needs a hitting surface.

  • 1st Recommendation: Callaway Hitting Mat (Target has these too.) We've used several other brands and this is by far the best one. It has more weight which prevents the mat from moving too much or even flying in the air after you hit the ball. It's very durable and has a tee holder built-in.
  • 2nd Recommendation: Roll the dice and buy something different and let us know what you think. We might add it to this list.

Chipping Net

Great for club face and trajectory control. We recommend both.

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