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NTPGA Team Golf Events

These events are sanctioned by the North Teaxas PGA Junior Tour (NTPGA). Kevics Golf Academy (KGA) does not control any aspect of these touraments other than creating and submitting a roster for the events.

Roster Registration Overview

To play in a Team Golf event you must be a KGA junior program member. You must register on our website by clicking here (you must be logged-in to register). Then go to the date of the event on the calendar and proceed to follow the on-screen instructions. We need at least 5 players before we can submit a roster. 6 players would be a full roster.

If our roster is accepted by the NTPGA, they will notify you by email with an invitation to register for the event through their website. An NTPGA Jr Tour membership will be required to play in the event once a roster is accepted. KGA will notify you if you need a membership at that time.

NTPGA Tournament Checklist

Reminders and Things to Bring
  • ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 30 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED TEE TIME! Tournaments don't wait for participates. If you miss your tee time, you are likely to be disqualified or replaced by someone on the waiting list.
    • Wear your Kevics Junior Academy team hats
    • Wear a KJA golf shirt if you have one. Otherwise, a collared shirt. Gentleman tuck in their shirts (NO DEMIN or t-shirts) with a belt.
    • Golf shorts/pants/skirts (NO DEMIN, sweat pants, gym shorts)
    • Glove(s) (it is recommended to have at least two (2) gloves in your bag)
  • Caddies for NTPGA Tournaments
    • If you are caddying for the player in an NTPGA event, DO NOT RENT A CART
    • You will walk the course with the player
    • Be positive in your comments to the player. Do not tell them how bad a shot was, they already know and they're already beating themseleves up inside because that want to play well for their parents.
    • Allow them to make their own decisions, club and shot selections... it's all part of learning how to play but when there is a voice constantly nagging them, telling them how terrible they are, and questioning ever mistake they make, the player will grow to hate the game and hate being on the golf course with their parent.
    • Again BE POSITIVE, this is a learning experience for the players as much as it is for the parents.
  • Spectators & Cart Rules:
    • If you rented a golf cart to follow your junior's group, the players are allowed a ride to their 1st tee only and a ride back to the clubhouse once they have finished their round or play has been suspended due to weather. At no other times are the players allowed to ride in or sit in a golf cart during the course of play, and at no time during the course of play can a set of golf clubs be on the cart.
    • If you have other kids that come along to spectate, they are to act in accordance to the etiquette of golf, quiet and still when the players are taking shots. If they are in your golf cart, they are to be seated at all times, not jumping on the seats and crawling onto the roof. Never should they be playing in a bunker, running across the greens, driving the golf cart, or swinging golf clubs.
    • Failure to oblige by these rules will result in removal from the course and tournament disqualification.
    • Dress appropriately for the temperature. Bring an umbrella and/or Rain Gear if it might rain.
  • Things to Bring
    • Sun block before the round, after applying it, make sure your hands are dry and non-greasy before gripping your clubs
    • Bug spray either before the round or keep it in the bag
    • Bag & Clubs (14 clubs is the maximum you're allowed to have according the rules)
    • Scrub Brush if you have one, to clean the grooves of dirty clubs
    • Push Cart if you have one. Kids are required to walk for junior tournaments, their clubs cannot be transported on the a golf cart during the course of play which means they will have to carry their clubs if they don't have a caddie or push cart.
    • Balls (at the very least have six (6))
    • Sharpie Marker (used to mark your golf ball before the round starts: writing initials or drawing a picture on your ball helps you identify it on the course)
    • Tees (at least 1 tee for each hole you'll be playing, so if you're playing 9 holes, then have at least 9 tees)
    • Ball Markers (something to mark your ball on the putting green: a shiny coin like a quarter or dime usually make great ball markers)
    • Pencil w/eraser (recommend having at least two (2) in the bag)
    • Towel(s) to clean your ball and clubs, also to dry your hands
    • Water bottle to keep in the bag for hydration


Roster Submission

We need at least 5 players before we can submit a tournament roster. The ROSTER DEADLINE is the date in which you must submit your intent to play in a given tournament (download the Team Golf schedule below). The deadline date is always a few weeks prior to the tournament date. The rosters will be filled on a first come first serve basis. An NTPGA Junior Tour Membership will be required to participate in the tournament. This is a one-time calendar year fee that is paid directly to the NTPGA through their website. For more information about Team Golf Tournaments and the Rules & Regulations, please visit the NTPGA Team Golf website. A caddy is required for these tournaments (usually a family member).

Below is information that will help you and your junior golfer prepare for tournament golf. If they are playing in a Team Golf or Metro Prep event, then they are allowed to have a caddy. Having a caddy is highly recommended by our coaching staff.


The Tour Officials are the only decision makers when it comes to weather and if the tournament will be cancelled or postponed. They do not provide coaches with any information prior to a decision. If the weather becomes inclement or the course conditions make it unplayable, then the Tour Officials will reach out to the players and coaches at that time.


It is highly recommended and favorable that a parent, family member, or friend caddies for your junior golfer. Keep it positive out there. For some, these tournaments are the first experiences in playing golf. They are beginners, they are going to hit more bad shots than good ones. It's the coaches' job to help the juniors get better as they grow, but in order to do that, at the end of the day they have to still like the game. Positive encouragement is a huge part of our Team Golf program, from the coaches and parents. Golf is one of the toughest sports to learn and play. Remember, they're kids, let them have fun at this stage of the game. It's a sport they can play the rest of their lives.

Arrival Time

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled tee time. This allows for parking, getting checked in with the tour officials, warming up, and announcements (usually 15 minutes before tee off). Coaches or tour officials will hand out scorecards and rules sheets.

Check-in & Warm-up

There is usually a registration station set up. Stop by there to check-in, then head to the range or putting green for some warm-ups. You may need to check with the golf course pro shop to locate the check-in station.

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