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Kevics Junior Tour

Parent Expectations & Caddying

Please have your KJA member read this before playing on the KJT. Our KJT events are all about the kids and their personal responsibilities as golfers. The parents can drive the carts, help search for lost balls (3 minutes max), and provide positive encouragement to the golfers. The parents should not act as caddie, give advice, keep track of the scores, fill out the scorecards for the players, nor yell or scream at the players (as it relates to their golf swings, shots, mistakes). This is a learning environment specifically for the kids and the coaches. All players are to write down the scores after each hole. It is their personal responsibility as a golfer to track their playing partner's score. Failure to write down a correct score will lead to disqualification in tournament play. If there is a disagreement about a score, make a note and the coaches will settle the matter at the scoring table after the round. The coaches will be in carts roaming among the groups on the course.

We truly understand how hard it may be for you to refrain from giving advice and wanting to help line-up shots. Just remember that the players are already under a lot of pressure on the golf course, primarily from themselves. They have high expectations of themselves as well as wanting to impress you and their coaches. When someone is constantly in their ear about how they are doing this or that incorrectly, their self-esteem, frustration level, and playing ability significantly decrease, which leads to bad performance, sad kids, and a hatred for the game of golf. Let's allow them to grow as golfers and allow the coaches to coach them through these situations. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Details
  • TEE TIMES, PAIRINGS, LOCATION: These are emailed to the players prior to the tournament and will include the location of the event. Golf Courses we play:
    Riverside Golf Club
    • 3000 Riverside Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75050
    • (on 360 just south of 183)
    • $15+tax, junior 9 holes and a cart
    • $10+tax, junior 9 holes walking

    The Golf Club of Champions Circle
    • 15801 Championship Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76177?
    • (on 114 west of 35W, across from Texas Motor Speedway)
    • $15+tax, junior 9 holes and a cart
    • $10+tax, junior 9 holes walking
  • ENTRY FEE: The KJT is a monthly optional participation event. When a player registers for a KJT event, a $30 charge from Kevics Golf will be assessed to the card on file after the round. The greens/cart fee are a separate charge paid at the course. No call no shows will be charged the entry fee as we reserve the tee times.
  • GREENS FEE & CART FEE: These will vary based on the courses we play. Riverside and Champions Circle require our players to take a cart, that is driven by someone that is 18 years old or older.
  • ARRIVAL TIMES: Please be at the course and checked-in with the coaches at least 20 min before your tee time as we may send groups off early to help with pace of play.
    • At Riverside, we gather at the practice putting green. This is located across the entrance road, down the hill from the clubhouse (between holes 1 & 10).
    • At Champions Circle, we gather at the putting green behind the clubhouse.
    If you want to hit balls at the driving range, we recommend you show up at least 1 hour before your tee time.

    If you arrive late for your tee time, then you will need to go directly to the group you are paired with and start playing once the group reaches the next tee box. In tournaments, a late player would be disqualified.
  • RIDING CARTS ARE REQUIRED: For the Kevics Junior Tour days, the course requires us to take riding carts to keep pace of play to 2 hours and 15 minutes. Someone that is 18 years old or older must accompany the player and be their driver on the golf course on these days. Whomever will be driving, they will need to go into the pro shop, pay for the round, and sign a liability form if the course requires it. The pro shop will then direct you to the golf carts.
  • CART RULES (Failure to follow these may result in your immediate removal from the golf course.)
    • Driver must be 18 yrs or older with a valid driver's license.
    • No one under the age of 18 is allowed to drive then carts, not even a foot up the cart path.
    • All people riding in the cart must sit on the seat facing forward. No players or spectators are allowed to sit or stand on the back or along the windshield. This is all a liability issue for the golf course and we must abide by those rules.
    • Keep the carts at least 230 yards away from the putting green and tee boxes unless you're on the cart path.
    • Keep the carts at least 20 feet away from the sand bunkers.
    • All carts must be back at the pro shop before sunset.
    • No denim, t-shirts, or opened-toe shoes. Gentleman tuck in your shirts and wear a belt.
    • Check the weather before you leave the house, plan accordingly
  • PACE OF PLAY: Your pace of play should be 2 hours and 15 minutes from when you tee off. The coaches will be pushing the groups that are playing slow and give penalties strokes, as would happen in a tournament. Please remind your golfer about pace of play. We play "ready golf" and continuous putting during the on-course sessions. Each group should be able to finish the holes in under 14 minutes per hole. There is a maximum of 2 practice swings on each shot and use continuous putting.
  • FORMAT OF PLAY: We play 9-holes of individual stroke play, meaning you will hit your own shots until you hole-out or reach the stroke limit. If a different format will be played, then we will notify the players ahead of time. Each player will receive a scorecard indicating from which yardage they will play.
    • Please rake the bunker behind you as you exit it
    • 50 & 100 Yards: 7-shot limit, you get a free drop when you go in a bunker. Simply pick it up and place it next to the bunker then proceed to hit your next shot.
    • 150 & 200 yards 7-shot limit, you are to make 1 attempt from the bunker, if you are not successful in getting it out of the bunker, then you take free relief only counting the 1 stroke you took in the bunker
    • 250 yards & Up 9-shot limit, you are to hit from the bunker until you are out of the bunker
  • SCORING TABLE AFTER THE ROUND: Upon finishing the round, each group should proceed to the clubhouse to review the scorecards.
    • Water bottle to keep in the bag for hydration
    • Sun block before the round, after applying it, make sure your hands are dry and non-greasy before gripping your clubs
    • Bug spray either before the round or keep it in the bag
    • Bag & Clubs (14 clubs is the maximum you're allowed to have according the rules)
    • Scrub Brush if you have one, to clean the grooves of dirty clubs
    • Push Cart if you have one. While we require a riding cart, there have been times when the course has run out of carts for us. It is our recommendation to bring it along in the trunk and if you need it, it's there.
    • Balls (at the very least have six (6))
    • Sharpie Marker (used to mark your golf ball before the round starts: writing initials or drawing a picture on your ball helps you identify it on the course)
    • Tees (at least 1 tee for each hole you'll be playing, so if you're playing 9 holes, then have at least 9 tees)
    • Ball Markers (something to mark your ball on the putting green: a shiny coin like a quarter or dime usually make great ball markers)
    • Pencil w/eraser (recommend having at least two (2) in the bag)
    • Towel(s) to clean your ball and clubs, also to dry your hands
    • Umbrella and/or Rain Gear to keep dry if the weather calls for a wet day
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