Kevics Junior Academy

Whether you're a beginner learning for fun
or an elite player pursuing a collegiate
scholarship, we're here to help you succeed.


The KJA has various levels that are based on a range of factors. Some of those include: age, maturity, interest level, time dedicated to practicing/playing, the student's goals, and the student's skill level. We require a free 30-minute Meet & Greet for new students, click here to submit a Meet & Greet request Our full list of expectations for KJA members and their parents can be found by clicking here.

Space is Limited

We strive to keep our student to coach ratio low, which means enrollment is not guaranteed. Ideal candidates will have charateristics that include: respect, being on time, and the abiity to focus and listen when the coaches are speaking.

Commitment Length

All levels of he KJA require a minimum 3-month commitment. This provides the shortess amount of time for the member to prove they are committed to the process of learning, communitacting what is learned, and applying the information in the forms of self-practice and/or playing on the course or in a simulator.

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