Kevics Junior Academy


Junior Golf Summer Camps
Summer Camps

We offer Level 1 & Level 2 Summer Camps. The campers learn about golf in a fun an interactive environment. This is the stepping stone into the Kevics Junior Academy and the wonderful world of golf. We highly recommend attending with friends. Space is limited!

Train to Learn
Train to Learn

This is a unique opportunity for juniors to have fun while learning about the fundamentals of golf in a team environment. Our weekly 90-minute classes are full of challenges that help members learn about and prepare for play on the golf course. All kids, aged 7 and up, start at this level. Members are required to earn their way into the Train to Compete class by obtaining their yellow hat on the Kevics Junior Tour (KJT).

Train to Compete
Train to Compete

This class prepares our members for tournament golf as many of them are training to play on a high school team or in college. During our 90-minute weekly classes, members are involved in competitions and utilizing the latest techonology to improve their skills. Members are expected to track practice and competition stats as well as play in 1-3 tournaments per month. Short-term and long-term goals are established and reviewed each month.

Off Campus PE
Off Campus PE (OCPE)

Several school districts allow OCPE starting in middle school and lasting through high school. There are varying requirements depending upon the district. We offer a 5-hour model.

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