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A Letter to the Parents

Dear Parents,
We strive to make our junior program the best. With our team of experienced coaches, we've created the following list of expecations for the members and the parents. Please review our list and understand that these expectations are in place to provide the best experience possible for our members. Open and honest feedback is always encouraged as we believe that communication between the coach, junior, and parent, is what leads to a successful relationship.

Expectations for Parents

  • Attendance & Absence Policy - Please review the policy before becoming a member. You're enrollment in our programs means you've read and understand this policy.
    • Parents/Guardians are required to call or text the coach if a late arrival is expected.
    • If you plan to miss a practice or an on-course session that you have registered for, please notify us at least 24-hours in advance of the class so we can cancel your appointment and allow another member on the waiting list to take your spot. If no notification is received from you, we will deduct that benefit from your membership as if you had attended the class or charge the card on file if a payment is required.
    • Be on time to practices: Arrive at five (5) to fifteen (15) minutes before your practice's start time, please no sooner than fifteen (15) minutes.
    • Be on time to on-course sessions: Arrive at least twenty (20) minutes before any on-course sessions. It is possible you will have the chance to tee off sooner than your scheduled tee time.
    • Be on time to tournaments: Arrive at least thirty (30) minutes before any tournaments you've entered.
    • If you're early, you can't be late.
    • If being late and/or not providing notification of missing appointments becomes a ritual, then the member may be asked to leave our program after discussions with the parents. Even if it's the parents' fault, a constant late arrival is an unwelcome distraction to our members and coaches.
  • For their safety all students are to be dropped off and picked-up as close as possible to the pro shop or clubhouse.
  • Allow our coaches to coach, this is the member's time to learn from us.
  • We request NO interaction with coaches or juniors during a practice session or lesson.
  • Please reserve asking any questions/concerns until after the session has concluded.
  • If there is an immediate or an emergency issue that needs addressed during a session, please call the coaches cell phone.

Expectations for Juniors

  • Be ready for the session by the designated start time. This includes having your bag in-line with the others, use of the restroom prior to practice, sunscreen on, bug spray on, etc.
  • Ready to learn and listen during the session
  • Junior Golf Safety Procedures
    • Safe Zone: This is the designated area in which students are observing the instructors and other students, while not swinging golf clubs.
    • Handling of Golf Clubs: When the student is observing the instructor, transitioning between stations, or while inside of the Safe Zone, the student should hold the golf club upside down like a cane. Golf clubs are not to be used as swords or any other weapons. Disciplinary actions and/or removal from participation may be enforced if the student is unable to follow these rules.
    • Hitting Zone/Coaches Lane: This is the designated area in which students are allowed to swing golf clubs. When the student is not in the Hitting Zone, they are expected to be in the Safe Zone handling their club properly.
  • Manners & Etiquette: ("yes sir, yes ma'am", not yelling or running wildly across the range or course)
  • Respect & Responsibility: While some of our team members maybe be young, respect and responsibility can be taught and learned at home at an early age. We hope that each team member will respect the coaches, the other team members, the facilities, and any equipment that might be used during the practices. If a team member continually shows disrespect, he/she will be asked to leave our program after discussions with the parents.
  • NO talking while a coach is talking
  • Encouraging teammates during games, challenges, and on the course
  • NO negative comments to themselves or others
  • Demonstrating sportsmanship at all times win or lose
  • Willing to try new challenges and have fun
  • Make new friends
  • Ask coaches questions if they don't understand something, raise hand and wait to be called

If the member is unable to follow the expectations as listed, the Kevics Golf Coaches will talk to the member's parents. Coaches will follow these steps:

  1. First incident: The Coach will talk to the parent and give the junior a warning.
  2. Second incident: The Coach will talk to the parent and request that the parent observes the next session
  3. The third incident: The Coach will review the student's enrollment in the program. A group environment may not always be the best fit for our students but we have to see how they react once in that environment. Kevics Golf reserves the right to remove or deny any student membership.

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