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How do I login or create a Booker account?
  1. Click LOGIN to go to Booker, our online scheduling system.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to create your Booker account.
How do I add a credit card on file?

We require a card on file to reserve your lesson(s). You will have the option after your lesson to have us charge your card on file or provide cash/check for payment. Checks can be made payable to "KEVICS". All memberships are credit card only.

  1. Click LOGIN.
  2. Enter your LOGIN credentials. (If you don't have an account, please use the on-screen instructions to create an account.)
  3. Click the MY ACCOUNT tab.
  4. Click the PAYMENT INFORMATION button/link.
  5. Enter the credit card information needed.
  6. Click the UPDATE or SAVE button
  7. If we're awaiting your payment to be updated for pending charges, please let us know when you've completed this step.
How To Book a Junior Academy Class (a Practice)?
Team/Group Class Name in Booker
Tykes & Tots KJA Tykes & Tots Practice
FUNdamentals KJA FUN Practice
Advanced KJA ADV Practice
Elite KJA ELITE Practice
  1. Click LOGIN.
  2. Click the BOOK CLASSES button/link or the CLASS SCHEDULE tab
  3. You can browse through the calendar or search by date range, class type, or instructor. It is highly recommended to search with a date range and a specific level/group/team, as it will allow you to book multiple practices from one screen. Search By Date Range
  4. When you find a class you'd like to attend, click the ADD TO CART link (a current KJA membership is required to book classes).
  5. You will see a price associated with the class. If you have a membership, you will not be charged extra for the class unless you've already used all of your membership benefits.
  6. At that point, you can either add more classes or go to checkout.
  7. When you decide to checkout, you must click the COMPLETE BOOKING button at the bottom of the page to reserve your spot in the class.
  8. You will always receive an email notification when you've booked your benefit(s) correctly. If you don't receive the confirmation email, then chances are you missed the COMPLETE BOOKING button.
How do I book a lesson?
  1. Click LOGIN.
  2. Click the BOOK ONLINE tab
  3. Follow the on-screen search criteria to find available lesson times
  4. When you decide to checkout, you must click the COMPLETE BOOKING button at the bottom of the page to reserve your lesson.
  5. You will receive an email notification that your appointment has been booked. If you don't receive that email within 30 minutes of booking. You can check your Booker account APPOINTMENTS section to see if it is listed. Or contact us to verify it has been booked.
How do I cancel a lesson or class?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within the 24-hours before your lesson, you will be subject to a cancellation fee or if you have a membership, a benefit may be applied to your appoinment per your membership agreement.

  1. Click LOGIN.
  2. Click the MY ACCOUNT tab.
  3. Click the APPOINTMENTS button.
  4. Find the appointment that you need to cancel in the list.
  5. Click the CANCEL link to cancel the appointment, you might be prompted to confirm the cancellation.
How do I check my membership benefits and/or series balances?
  1. Click LOGIN.
  2. Click the MY ACCOUNT tab
  3. Click the MEMBERSHIPS & SERIES button/link
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