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2019 Junior Golf Summer Camps

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Colleyville Camps

These camps are held at Bob Moore's Sports Center located at:
6113 Colleyville Blvd, Colleyville, TX 76034

Camp Ages Dates Times Price Registration
FUNdamentals #2 7-11 June 25-27 9:00 - 10:30 AM $225 June 18th Jordan
Tykes & Tots #2 4-6 June 25-27 11:00 - 12:00 PM $180 June 18th Jordan
FUNdamentals #3 7-11 July 8-10 9:00 - 10:30 AM $225 July 1st Jordan
FUNdamentals #4 7-11 July 15-17 9:00 - 10:30 AM $225 July 8st Chuck

Camp Registration

Please follow the steps below to register for camps.

*A minimum of 3 juniors must sign up for a camp to be held.

Registration is required for camps and is determined on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Space is limited! If the camp is full, please join the waiting list. Sometimes we can add an additional coach or another camp if we have enough campers interested.


  1. Create an account in the name of the camper by clicking here. If registering more than one camper, a separate account must be created with a unique email address. for each additional camper.
  2. After you've created your account, please add a credit card on file, as this is how we charge for our camps. The card on file will be charged on the first day of camp. No-call no-shows will be charged 40% of the camp price.
  3. Next, click here to reserve your spot online.
    1. Browse to the date of the camp on the calendar.
    2. Click "Add to Cart" then click "CHECKOUT". This will add it to your cart.
    3. Proceed to verify your information, then click "COMPLETE BOOKING"
    4. Payments will be processed to the credit card on file on the first day of the camp.
  4. Next, COMPLETE A WAIVER RELEASE FORM. Download it by clicking here.
    • This form is REQUIRED before your junior golfer can participate in a camp. Our instructors have the right to withhold a junior golfer from participating until this form is received by our staff. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THIS.
    • The forms can be filled out on your computer and emailed back to Coach Kevin.
    • HOW TO FILL OUT THE FORM ON YOUR COMPUTER (to prevent it from being sent back blank)
      1. The Waiver Release Form will save to your computer as a PDF file. Open the file driectly from the folder in which it was downloaded to using Adobe Acrobat Reader. DO NOT open the PDF in a web browser.
      2. Fill in the information for each junior golfer you wish to enroll in am idividual waiver is required for each camper.
      3. Save the file.
      4. Please open the file again to make sure it has stored all of the data you just entered, be sure the document is not blank.
  5. Send an email to Coach Kevin at kevin@kevics.com with the Waiver Release Form attached. Please make the subject line: "2019 Summer Camp Registration CAMPER'S NAME".

Camp FAQ’s

  • Q: What forms do I need?
    A: All campers are required to complete a waiver release form (WRF) before participating in any camps or Kevics Junior Academy activities. The coaches are permitted to withhold any participant from taking part in the activities until a WRF is completed. The WRF can be downloaded by clicking here. The WRF can be returned electronically to Coach Kevin at kevin@kevics.com or return in person prior to the start of the activity.
  • Q: What happens at Junior Golf Camp?
    A: Well mom and dad, we're glad you asked! First and foremost we strive to have fun by introducing the campers to golf with game-based training and kid friendly terms. We also provide insight into the Kevics Junior Academy's core values of respect and responsibility. We help the campers get in touch with their hand-eye coordination, balance, and decision-making skills throughout the week. All of which are fundamental components to any great golf swing.
  • Q: What does the coaching staff expect from the kids?
    A: While our campers maybe be young, respect and responsibility can be learned at any age. We hope that each camper will respect the coaches, the other campers, the facility, and any equipment that might be used during the camps. If a camper displays signs of disrespect, he/she may be asked to leave the camp.
  • Q: Do I need golf clubs?
    A: No. We have loaners that can be used during the camps. However, if you have clubs, please bring them with you and have them labeled with the participant's name if possible. Small pieces of masking tape with a sharpie usually work really well for this.
  • Q: What is the dress code?
    A: Let's call it "kid casual". It's the summer, it's warm out. We recommend, a t-shirt, shorts, and gym shoes (golf shoes aren't necessary).
  • Q: How should I Prepare?
    • Arrive about 5-10 minutes before the start of camp. We start promptly on schedule each day.
    • Use the restroom before camp starts. The restroom is located at the pro shop.
    • Apply sun block before you arrive. For everyone's saftey, be sure the palms of your hands are dry, not oily from the sun block. Clubs can easily fly out of hands that recently applied sun block.
  • Q: What should I bring?
    A: These are the recommend items to bring to camp:
    • Sun block, applied before you arrive. For everyone's saftey, be sure the palms of your hands aren't oily. Clubs can fly out of hands that recently applied sun block.
    • Water bottle (labeled with your name)
    • A cooling towel, like the ones you snap and they get cold
  • Q: Snacks - What if my child has a food allergy?
    A: Some snacks will be provided at the camps. If your camper has a food allergy or you are concerned with the potential snacks we provide, then it is highly recommended that you send your camper with a lunchbox containing the specific items that he/she is able to eat/drink. We take several mini-breaks during the camps to ensure the kids stay hydrated and fueled with energy.
  • Q: Is my child a good fit for a group/team environment?
    A: While we wish that every camper will fit into our programs, sometimes a group environment isn't the best fit. Some kids will learn and progress quicker in a 1-on-1 private lesson format better after attending a camp.
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