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Roster Submission

We need at least 5 players before we can submit a tournament roster. The ROSTER DEADLINE is the date in which you must submit your intent to play in a given tournament (download the Team Golf schedule below). The deadline date is always a few weeks prior to the tournament date. The rosters will be filled on a first come first serve basis. An NTPGA Junior Tour Membership will be required to participate in the tournament. This is a one-time calendar year fee that is paid directly to the NTPGA through their website. For more information about Team Golf Tournaments and the Rules & Regulations, please visit the NTPGA Team Golf website. A caddy is required for these tournaments (usually a family member).

Below is information that will help you and your junior golfer prepare for tournament golf. If they are playing in a Team Golf or Metro Prep event, then they are allowed to have a caddy. Having a caddy is highly recommended by our coaching staff.


The Tour Officials are the only decision makers when it comes to weather and if the tournament will be cancelled or postponed. They do not provide coaches with any information prior to a decision. If the weather becomes inclement or the course conditions make it unplayable, then the Tour Officials will reach out to the players and coaches at that time.


It is highly recommended and favorable that a parent, family member, or friend caddies for your junior golfer. Keep it positive out there. For some, these tournaments are the first experiences in playing golf. They are beginners, they are going to hit more bad shots than good ones. It's the coaches' job to help the juniors get better as they grow, but in order to do that, at the end of the day they have to still like the game. Positive encouragement is a huge part of our Team Golf program, from the coaches and parents. Golf is one of the toughest sports to learn and play. Remember, they're kids, let them have fun at this stage of the game. It's a sport they can play the rest of their lives.

Arrival Time

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled tee time. This allows for parking, getting checked in with the tour officials, warming up, and announcements (usually 15 minutes before tee off). Coaches or tour officials will hand out scorecards and rules sheets.

Check-in & Warm-up

There is usually a registration station set up. Stop by there to check-in, then head to the range or putting green for some warm-ups. You may need to check with the golf course pro shop to locate the check-in station.

Tournament Checklist

What to Bring

  • CHECK THE WEATHER: Umbrella and/or Rain Gear if deemed necessary
  • Sun Block
  • Collared shirt, golf shorts/pants/skirts (NO DEMIN or t-shirts)
  • Golf shoes if they have them, otherwise sneakers/gym shoes (caddies wear gym shoes)
  • Golf Clubs: 14-club limit, it is against the rules of golf to carry more than 14 clubs in your bag
  • Golf Balls (12 is good)
  • Tees
  • Towel
  • Scrub Brush (to clean clubs throughout the round)
  • Glove (if you're right handed then you need a glove for your left hand, for left handed players you need a glove for the right hand)
  • Ball Markers (quarters (.25 cent pieces) are always a good choice)
  • Divot Tool
  • Extra pencil and/or pen for scorekeeping
  • Water Bottle & Snack(s)

Bob Moore's Sports Center in Colleyville, TX

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