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Level 4 Elite Team

Training Champions in Golf and Life

Program Overview

The Elite Team is generally reserved for current high school players, those on the verge of entering high school, or juniors that have a long standing junior tournament history. The typical age range is 13-17.

The Elite Team dives deeper into how the individual members play golf and how they use the golf mind set to shoot lower scores. Course management, scoring strategies, mental game preparation, and controlling the emotional tank, have larger roles with the Elite Team.

At this level, we want our members to win tournaments. Members are expected to track stats, set goals, and play in local or national junior golf tournaments each month. High-level personal practice routines are expected, 6-7 days each week with at least two (2) hours of practice each day. A common goal between the students and coaches is to put forth their best efforts in pursuit of a collegiate scholarship.


  • You can view the practice schedule here to ensure your schedule fits ours.
  • Parents are responsible for booking the appropriate member benefits each month. Extra booked practiced will be charge to the card on file.
  • You will need to have a membership before you are able to book practices online.
  • Our practices are booked on a first come first serve basis and Space is limited.
  • If a practice is "full", please join the waiting list. As a reminder, you are not "registered" for the practice if you are on the waiting list. If a spot should open up and you're next on the waiting list, you will receive an email notification about being added to the practice.
  • If your KJA member shows up without booking a spot for that practice, it is possible that the practice could already be full and we will have to unfortunately send them back home with you that day.
  • The appointment system will allow you to book membership benefits up to 24-hours in advance. If you'd like to be added to a practice or book a lesson that is less than 24-hours in advance, then you must call one of the coaches. If there is still availability, we will add you to the schedule.

Monthly Membership Includes

Team shirts, hats, and other accessories are available at an additional cost. Team members will receive a discount on any PUMA Golf junior clothing.

*Space is limited. Call or email us to set up a tryout or join our waiting list.
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