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Level 4 Elite Team

Training Champions in Golf and Life

Program Overview

The Elite Team is meant for high school players, ages 13-18. There program has a mixture of team practices and on-course learning. Whether your junior golfer just made the high school team and needs more preparation before the season starts, or if they play at a more advanced level, the Elite Team is where your junior golfer would fit into our Junior Academy. The Elite Team's schedule can be found on the calendar page by clicking here.

At Level 4, our members are required to have a greater level of commitment in personal practice and on-course learning. The goal for our Level 4 members is to learn how to lower their scores by applying the "golf mindset". By understanding the process of what happens on the course, which factors they can control, and which ones they cannot, they will improve their mental game and course management strategies. Members are expected to practice on their own 4-6 times each week, while playing in at least one tournament each month. The expectation for our Elite Team members is for them to be dedicated to practice and tournament preparation, which allows us to work as a team towards a collegiate scholarship.

Monthly Membership Includes

  • 9.5 hours combined team practice and on-course learning
  • 3 x 1.5 hour team practices
  • 2 x 2.5 hour on-course learning session
  • Price:
    • 3-month commitment: $445/mo
    • 6-month commitment: $410/mo
    • 9-month commitment: $375/mo
  • Review our Member Expectations

Team shirts, hats, and other accessories are available at an additional cost. Team members will receive a discount on any PUMA Golf junior clothing.

*Space is limited. Call or email us to set up a tryout or join our waiting list.
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